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Get to Know Us

We are so glad you decided to stop in and learn more about the faces behind the CTL5011 Water Team.


We are a team of educators interested in innovative practices in education that incorporate technology and holistically respond to student needs. 


Our diverse passions have come together to create a resource for educators to gain a deeper understanding of the brain and how to integrate mindful practices in the classroom. Take a look at what we have learned and, hopefully, it will spark an interest in your mind as well.

If you have questions or comments to share, please take them to our Forum!

Researching and Writing


College Professor & Ed Tech Nerd

I suppose I fell into teaching as an industry professional who ended up guest speaking in a college class and fell in love. My first profession was in the hospitality field, specifically in Special Events with an emphasis on health & safety and risk management of large-scale events. I feel blessed to be able to combine my love of events and my passion for teaching in my current role.
My current role finds me always challenging myself, and my students, with integration of technology into our course curriculum. From a holistic approach, I want to ensure that technology that is added to any course is suitable and relevant to the students. By this, I mean that technologies added are based on sound pedagogy and compliment the learning that is taking place. As a college professor, this often means that I am on the hunt for technologies that A) support a collaborative and constructivist approach and B) are technologies that can be beneficial and applied outside of the classroom such as in life or workplace situation.

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